Specialized in swells, wind and weather

Whether shipping or construction, builders from a broad array of different areas look to steel to turn their ideas into reality. The fascination with form is immediately followed by concerns regarding maintenance, which is of crucial importance. Whether this involves corrosion protection or surface finishing, everything tasked with defying the elements must be highly resistant. Rodopi Marine specializes in the surface treatment of steel, including ships and structures alike. Depending on the requirements, the Rodopi team develops tailor-made solutions for perfect surface finishes. The human touch is decisive for development and implementation. The Rodopi team brings with it experience, knows the material like the back of its hand, and is even extremely flexible when it comes to manning levels.

Trust is the best recommendation

Since 2007, Rodopi has been a reliable business partner for its customers. For a young company in particular, it is crucial to retain the customers it wins. We've been successful in this respect. To date, all our customers have remained loyal to us without exception. We greatly appreciate this trust and are dedicated to continually earning it – through commitment, efficiency, sustainability and manpower.

Your demands define our goods and services: whether large-scale projects or ambitiously specialized orders, our well-practiced teams of 60 to 200 workers ensure maximum flexibility, for our special rotation system of employees arranges production and rest periods at concurrent and flexible standby times.

There is one thing we are not flexible with: our aspiration to offer you guaranteed high quality work for the best cost-benefit ratio.

To act reliably means to us additionally: fairness and transparency towards clients and our own workforce as well as to absolutely adhere to full statutory and property right regulations – such as hedging measures, minimum wages and law on the posting of workers. You can bet on it!