Project example Yachts

For our specialized yacht team, it is important that functional efficiency goes hand in hand with aesthetic aspiration in order to meet the clients' high demands.

The quality of our workmanship is appreciated by crew members and owners of world-famous luxury yachts daily by now. Not only does our service offer contain all well – established technical standards of surface treatment and removal of rust – we fulfill our clients' high aesthetical demands as well.

Project examples

The members of our yacht team have yearlong experience in the area of corrosion protection and surface treatment at their disposal. Tasks of varnishing new objects, maintenance work as well as repainting valuable yachts are known and familiar terrain. Our employees contributed to the following projects among others:

  • Lady Moura (107m)
  • Pelorus (115m)
  • Rising Sun (138m)
  • Octopus (125m)
  • Eos (93m)
  • Ice (90m)

List of services

Varnishing & corrosion protection (new construction)
Quality and value of one yacht are directly related to the standards already used during the phase of construction with regard to aesthetic varnishing and corrosion protection concerning the yacht's interior and exterior.

Our portfolio covers:
– exterior:
Coating/varnishing in accordance with the highest quality standards by using the systems of AwlGrip, Sikkens, International et al.
– interior:
Optical and qualitative extra-premium liveries according to the highest quality standards.
– tanks, engine rooms and miscellaneous interiors:
Coatings according to the latest findings and highest standards for the most effective corrosion protection.

Unfortunately, even coatings of best quality do have a limited duration. So a regular refinish is the only opportunity to preserve a valuable yacht's aesthetical and functional condition right now. The optimal preparation of previously varnished surfaces is crucial here for the final outcome and of far more complexity than the new construction of a yacht. Our yearlong experience and our self-developed and specialized methods of surface preparation enable us to obtain highest efficiency and an optimal result at the same time. That is why even the highest demands on quality can be accomplished without any difficulties and in time.

Maintenance and dry docking are essential for a yacht's stable value. We offer the full program of yearly dry docking, maintenance and repair works on all surfaces. In the field of putrefactive prevention we rely on the most modern and most environmentally friendly technology.

When working on refits and refurbishments, the result is judged on the quality of the varnishing to a great extent. Despite the considerably higher complexities regarding the optimal preparation of previously varnished surfaces, we fulfill all established quality standards as well as special requests without any difficulties but with outstanding efficiency even in this area.

Project planning: Requirement analysis and feasibility check | Selection of the corrosion protection procedure (preparation and coating procedures) | Project calculation | Ongoing project management | Permanent quality control | Audited, approval procedures

Corrosion protection: Preparation of surface | Abrasive blasting | Damp blasting | High pressure washing | Sanding | Smoothing/filling

Development of the corrosion protection system: Airless coating | Thick-layer coating | Compressed air-spraying | Electrostatic spraying | Hot spraying procedure | Powder coating | Zinc spraying/metalising

Finishing: Subsequent varnishing of GRP | Sanding | Smoothing/filling | Repetition of the previous working steps, until the required finish has been achieved | Undercoat | Premium varnishing to fulfil the highest standards