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Project example: Second Strelasund Crossing

In 2004, the construction of the second Strelasund Crossing (Rügen Bridge or Rugia Bridge), which is one of the longest bridge structures throughout Germany, began with the first auger pile foundation. The core part of the 4100 meters long crossing consists of the 2831 meters measuring bridge girder across the Strelasund sound. In 2007 the three-lane elevated bridge was finished.

The costs of the project reached the total amount of 125 million Euros. We were contracted by Max Bögl Steel and Plant Construction Inc. & Co. and was assigned to the field of corrosion protection. Our tasks consisted of scheduling, hazard analysis and procurement of material, installation of the construction site and, of course, its realization. Personnel and logistics planning completely lied in our hands as well. Certainly, occupational-safety measures had to be absolutely adhered to and we were subject to permanent quality inspection during the whole run of the project.

Portfolio of Services (Construction)

Project planning: Requirement analysis and feasibility check | Selection of the corrosion protection procedure (preparation and coating procedures) | Project calculation | Ongoing project management | Permanent quality control | Audited, approval procedures

Corrosion protection: Preparation of surface | Abrasive blasting | Damp blasting | High pressure washing | Sanding | Smoothing/filling

Development of the corrosion protection system: Airless coating | Thick-layer coating | Compressed air-spraying | Electrostatic spraying | Hot spraying procedure | Powder coating | Zinc spraying/metalising

Finishing: Subsequent varnishing of GRP | Sanding | Smoothing/filling | Repetition of the previous working steps, until the required finish has been achieved | Undercoat | Premium varnishing to fulfil the highest standards


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