Perfect quality is the result of three things: the right know-how, the suitable team and real team spirit!

Are you looking for fast and flexible versatile experts, for extensive large-scale projects and ambitious special orders? Our established team of experts, not only has many years of experience and the necessary technical know-how for completion within deadlines; we also guarantee a consistently high quality of work – on every terrain.

Unconditional fairness and transparency towards our customers and our own workforce is just as important as the adherence to all legal, health and safety regulations, such as insurance measures, minimum wages and adherence to foreign labour laws (in accordance with the Posted Workers Act).

At present, Phereclus employs more than 350 workers at several locations throughout Europe with Germany as its priority. Thanks to our efficient and flexible personnel planning, the number of teams appointed by us can be accommodated in a minimum of time. Projects with a range fluctuation from 10 to 130 employees have already been handled by us successfully and to our clients' full satisfaction. Our smallest projects had a manning level of five workers whereas our most extensive teams consisted of up to 300 qualified people.

In no time, Phereclus was able to become established on the market and occupy a vital position within the industry. That is due to a trustworthy and reliable implementation of all our orders which are assigned exclusively with skilled and internationally experienced professionals, a high degree of service consciousness and our uncompromising adaptability.

Presently we employ:

  • 100 qualified workers in the field of wind power plant (laminate repairs, surface treatment & finishing)
  • 140 qualified workers in the field of marine corrosion protection & finishing
  • 20 qualified workers in the field of yacht corrosion protection & finishing
  • 90 qualified workers in the field of constructional steelwork corrosion protection & finishing

Our approved rotation system of employees arranges production as well as rest periods at concurrent and flexible standby times. Sublime achievements can only be accomplished by highly motivated and perfectly organized workers. Our dedicated and qualified managerial staff includes that manpower – even when being confronted with time-critical orders – into their production processes. That is why we are able to guarantee an optimal number of personnel resources at all times, no matter how complex the production environments might be.