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Surface Treatment for Yachts

While the highest quality standards build the pillars of our work anyhow, we defined new ones concerning yacht constructions: Our specialized yacht team has yearlong national as well as international practice in finishing big yachts. The quality of our workmanship is appreciated by crew members and owners of world-famous luxury yachts daily by now. Not only does our service offer contain all well-established technical standards of surface treatment and removal of rust – we fulfill our clients' high aesthetical demands as well.

Uncompromising customization due to your wishes

Nowadays, a professional project management is as important as the proper performance of work as such for a project's success. That is why we adjust our services to your wishes without any compromises: we integrate our processes into your production processes, always check our personnel and company structures and accommodate them as the circumstances require. Simply put: We keep our set deadlines steadily and make up for possible client-related delays (for instance, due to production congestion).

To act reliably means to us additionally: fairness and transparency towards clients and our own workforce as well as to absolutely adhere to full statutory and property right regulations – such as hedging measures, minimum wages and law on the posting of workers.

High quality work for the best cost-benefit ratio

Your demands define our goods and services: whether large-scale projects or ambitiously specialized orders, our well-practiced teams of 60 to 200 workers ensure maximum flexibility, for our special rotation system of employees arranges production and rest periods at concurrent and flexible standby times.

There is one thing we are not flexible with: our aspiration to offer you guaranteed high quality work for the best cost-benefit ratio.